Eat-and-run verification: Why Online Casinos Require Identification From All Players

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Online casino verification is essential for many players in the online casino industry. The age-old question of “is online gambling legal?” is answered when you consider the legality of online casinos in parts of the world.

The Online casino verification acts as a measure to avoid underage players from entering the website, but in addition enables different jurisdictions to verify that only individuals over the age of 18 are playing. With this particular in your mind, it’s essential for all players to learn what identification they have to provide when joining an on line casino.

What Is Online Casino Verification?

The 먹튀검증 (Eat-and-run verification) is absolutely essential for several players in the internet casino industry. Verification is performed in order to prevent underage players from entering the website, but also allows for different jurisdictions to verify that only individuals over age 18 are playing.

There are numerous ways online casinos can verify an individual’s age. Based on where you live, this can be with a passport or driver’s license number. However, other countries have their particular identification cards, so that your country’s specific group of regulations will dictate what type of identification you will need to offer when signing up with an on the web casino.

Why Online Casinos Require Identification From All Players

Online casinos require identification to satisfy legal requirements and prevent underage gambling. While online casino verification is necessary for all players, the player’s age is the key concern. Online gambling isn’t illegal in many areas of the entire world, but it does vary by region.

When this discrepancy occurs, online casinos are legally needed to ask for identification before allowing an individual to register or play on the site. This helps prevent underage gamblers from participating in games that they may otherwise be prohibited from playing offline.

Identity verification services like IDChecker offer an alternative solution to the problem of verifying the age of each player who registers having an online casino. It’s important to see that different countries have different requirements for age verification, so it is additionally vital to check local regulations before purchasing this service.

Provided that you’ve a web connection, IDchecker allows you to adhere to global legal requirements by providing an easy way to safeguard both parties mixed up in transaction. The method only takes minutes and will begin to verify if you’re over 18 years old or not.*

Types Of Identification

There are certainly a few various kinds of identification that online casinos may require.

– Passport

– Driving License

– ID Card

The first two options offer more security, as they could also serve as proof age. The third option is really a cheaper alternative that lets you play on the site without any proof age.

However, if you may not give a valid type of identification for 먹튀검증 (Eat-and-run verification), then some casinos won’t allow you to play at all. Which means that passports and driving licenses are probably the most viable options for players who would like to remain anonymous.


Once you’re verified, you can play at any one of our casinos with peace of mind understanding that the games are fair, the principles are legitimate and your account is safe.

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