Meaning, Importance and Types of Slots

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No wonder, a majority of us have tried slot online at least once in our lifetime. Unlike other casino games, they are easy to use. Moreover, they don’t require any specific skills like poker and blackjack.

It offers a variety of games. A player can pick the one according to his taste and bankroll. It is rated good to bet higher on slots in both, online and physical casinos. Maximum bets allow a gamer to win progressive jackpots.

Some gamers believe that slots pay higher at night. However, they pay differently, there is no guarantee of higher.

How to pick the slots for boosting your winning chances?

Selecting a slot matters a lot. It is always suggested to pick the one which is a perfect combo of return to player, volatility and bonuses. After picking a perfect slot, enjoy with money you can afford to lose.

Here are some top slots according to their RTP –

  1. Mega joker

The RTP of this slot is 99%. This popular slot comes with fruit symbols and a classic fruit machine setup. It’s 99% RTP makes it the lowest house edge slot.

  1. 1429 uncharted seas

It was released a few years ago by Thunderkick. Luckily, the slot was a big hit. As compared to the mega joker, its RTP is a bit lower (98.6%). However, then also it offers stunning graphics and advanced gameplay.

  1. Blood suckers (98% RTP)

The game is designed by one of the leading game developers Netent. Due to its vampire theme, the game has received a great response from the betting community.

  1. Devil’s delight (97.6% RTP) –

Devil’s delight is another successful creation of Netent.Its attractive features include – excellent graphics, gameplay and bonuses. Besides numerous bonuses, it offers a sin spins bonus. The bonus is meant for those who enjoy it longer.

  1. Steam tower –

The slot provides the lowest RTP of 97%. It features a variety of bonuses, promotions and impressive graphics. Their attractive bonuses invite a new gamer to try their luck here.

Variance in slots –

The topic of variance comes next to the payout percentage. Slot variance is divided into the following types.

  • Low variance – Here the winning amounts are small token jackpots.


  • Medium variance – In these games, you can expect to win frequently with a combo of larger payout and small token wins.


  • High variance – In high variance games, you can’t expect to hit win frequently. But the winnings are huge when they payout.

End note –

Slots are great for winning a variety of bonuses, promotions and jackpots. However, for achieving your goals it’s essential to distinguish myths from facts. Some of the common myths regarding slots are – they go through cycles, the jackpot is overdue, you can win big during quiet hours etc.

Furthermore, it is also suggested to try the free versions before investing your money. Furthermore, don’t try to chase the losses, set your limits in advance and last but the most important is to enjoy your game in a fresh mind.

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