What Not To Do When Playing Blackjack

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There are a lot of benefits people could get from playing blackjack compared to other casino games. One of which is that you basically have four possible actions to make on a normal hand and two, you have 50% chance of winning in blackjack.

But needless to say, if you want to make sure you can get the highest chance of winning in blackjack, apart from reading tips on how to win, you also have to know about the things you must not do when playing blackjack.

To help you get your highest possible chances of winning in blackjack, here are a few of the things you must NOT DO.

  • Keep on hitting until you hit 21

Your aim is to get closest to 21 and not just 21, hence hitting just because you want to get 21, even if it seems impossible, is not a good idea. Learn when to stay and when to hit.

Risking an already stable value to hit 21 will just put you at a higher chance of losing. Example, if your card is already 18, hitting for another card is not a good idea, as you only have three chances not to get busted, and that is getting A, 2 and 3. Why aim for 21 if you are actually very close to it already? Even if the face-up card of the dealer is A, hitting is not ideal when you are already 18.

  • Playing more than what you can afford

Although you have 50% chance of winning in blackjack, that should not make you play more than what you can afford. Keep in mind that blackjack is gambling, hence losing is not impossible. Play on the money that you can afford to lose, as if not, you might be putting yourself to a great financial risk.

The money you will use for gambling, blackjack or any other type of gambling games, should be considered gone. Good if you double, triple it or more, but keep in mind, to avoid disappointments, that losing can also happen.

  • Chasing on your loses

Never chase on money that was already lost as if you do, you might be at risk of losing more. If you think that today is not your lucky day, stop playing and do not push too hard to recover the money you have lost today.

The next day, in case you have plans of playing again, do not think about the money you have lost the other day, starting fresh is what you have to think of.

  • Letting your emotions overpower your logical thinking

If you are full of emotions, worried, mad, etc., while you are playing, it can avoid you from thinking logically. You have to make sure that when you play SBOBET Indonesia, you are on your best mood. You would not like your emotions to decide on whether to hit or stay, as if that you do, you are putting your possible winning chances at risk.

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