Features That Draw Bettors To The Online Betting Platform

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With an influx of online football betting websites, it’s crucial to incorporate various key features to stay ahead of the pack. Having key and unique features will not only draw bettors to your platform but also be a marketing tool in itself. For new bettors, worry not cause we have you covered as you embark on this journey. Here is what you should look for, to have an unrivaled experience in the betting platform.

  • Pre-match and live odds

Most online football betting sites like BETUFA offer the most thrilling, enjoyable, and splendid betting experience when live odds and pre-match are added to the site. In a small period, users can place their bets before the start of the game or place several wagers after the start of the game.

  • Speech-based betting

Without this feature, the checklist of sports betting sites wouldn’t be complete as it renders users a complete hands-free betting experience. When multitasking, this feature comes in handy to enable punters to use voice commands to place their bets and have a one-of-a-kind betting experience.

  • Live feeds

Football betting can be so boring if this feature is not added. Betufa, a betting platform, displays the live feeds to enable bettors to get insights about the ongoing live events and help them create better strategies when placing the bets.

  • Safe and secure platform

Security and safety are key factors that bettors consider when it comes to betting. Users will be driven away if the platform doesn’t feel safe or is full of bugs and/or glitches. It’s, therefore, crucial to create and maintain a safe environment, protect the privacy of bettors, and comply with the security standards.

  • Betting history, stats, and analytics

All football bettors want to know where they need improvement to enable them to create better betting strategies. Therefore, having betting analytics and stats will help them understand these patterns and will enable them to make good bets. It’s important to have a complete list of the bets they’ve placed and keep them informed all the time, therefore, the history feature will come in handy in this.

  • Multi-currency support

All around the world, betting sites have become popular because they operate across the globe. To have a good time and make extra cash, people from diverse corners will log in to the betting site. Hence it is crucial to provide multi-currency support to enable the diverse bettors to carry out transactions in their currency.

  • Multi-lingual support

To eliminate the language barrier, the betting site must have this feature. This will promote ease of access to users. Not everyone is fluent in English and not everyone understands the language, especially if you purpose the site will be visited by people across the globe.

6)  Betting tips

Winning a sports bet is a matter of luck, therefore, offering betting tips to new and/or existing users will enable them to play better. Bettors will remain on the site as long as they are getting useful tips that will help them improve their betting skills.


Bettors should also look out for cryptocurrency and flat payment options, multiple bet type support, multiple betting market support, social sharing module, and scheduling tools features on the platform.


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