Types Of Bets On Roulette

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More and more people are getting hooked to playing online casino. Why not? Online casino is very convenient and highly available. Almost everyone can play in it, anywhere and anytime they want.

There are many casino games people can choose from, but if you are just starting to play casino, it is best if you start with games that do not require a lot of strategizing and planning like slots and roulette.

The first choice for people who want to relax is slots. Sure, this is the most popular and as what others think, one of the casino games that can give them the highest chances of winning.

But other than slots, playing roulette can also be considered. Roulette does not require a lot of techniques to understand. Bet on your chosen number or set of numbers, wait for the wheel to be spin, see where the balls land, and voila, you would know whether you are on the winning or losing end.

There are different types of bets in roulette, and if you want to know more about these types, read below.

Types Of Bets When Playing Roulette

Basically, there are two types of bets, the inside bets and the outside bets, announced bets on the other hand is also a type of bet but not as commonly featured in roulette.

Inside Bets

If you will check on the roulette table, you would see numbers from zero to thirty six, and they are sectioned differently so players can bet on it. Under inside bets, there are bet names to look into:

  • Straight: This is one of the usual bets players use, as this, based on the name of the bet, bets on just one number. When the ball falls on the number of your choice, expect a good win here
  • Split: This on the other hand is betting on two numbers adjacent to each other. Chips are placed on the middle of the two numbers as a sign that they choose 2 numbers
  • Street: Meanwhile, this is betting on 3 consecutive numbers on the same line. Placing a chip on the outer corner of the row is the proper way to bet on street
  • Six line: Betting on two adjacent lines is the six line. Here, you will place the chip on the common corner of your chosen adjacent lines
  • Corner: Others call this as square bet, as you are betting on 4 numbers that have common corners
  • Trio: This is betting on three number including the zero, and two from numbers one, two and three
  • Basket: This on the other hand is betting on the number zero, and numbers one, two and three. The chip is placed on the corner shared by zero.

Outside bets

There are basically 5 bet names under this:

  • Red or black: Betting on the numbers printed on either black or red
  • Odd or even: Betting on numbers that are either even or odd
  • One to eighteen or nineteen to thirty six
  • Dozens: Betting on one of the 3 dozens found on the table’s layout
  • Columns: Betting on one of the three columns on the table

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